Firbish Activity Weekend Part 1 // Scotland

CIMG2494aFor some reason, the Scottish school system gave us a week off at the end of February. Fortunately for me this included my birthday. Some of my flatmates did all sorts of crazy cool things (namely traveled to many different countries) but I decided to just take a weekend trip away that the program I went abroad with had organized. We went up to a camp near the highlands and it was super beautiful so here are some pictures.

First off, here is the room I shared with two other girls I didn’t know. That top bunk was mine. And here are some pictures of the lake the camp was next to (sorry I have no idea what it was called, just enjoy the pretty pictures).


That building to the left was where we ate each day and was also connected to where we slept and in that same building there was a bar in the basement (because this is what they do in Scotland…).


So on the first full day (I think that meant Thursday? but it might have been a Friday, not that it matters) the activity was to climb a mountain. Seriously. Ok, so maybe just hike up a mountain but still. First off we were all given the proper equipment like these shoes.


And then we started on our hike. We all walked to this old church and graveyard (it was important for some reason).


Then behind this church there was a little trail into the forest that we started walking on and we were introduce to the resident dragon.


And here are a few more beautiful shots of the path through the woods before we started climbing up the actual mountain.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that is where I will leave you this time.  Next time we will go up the actual mountains (prepare yourself for some snowy pictures).


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