Firbish Activity Weekend Part 4 // Scotland


Hello and welcome to the last post on this weekend. Make sure you check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 from this weekend. If you recall, in the morning I went for a walk into the town and saw some standing stones. On the afternoon I actually ended up going back to the standing stones with a guide person who wanted to tell us lots of history (which I have conveniently all forgotten) and then we went to this really old building (which again, don’t remember why it was important) which I climbed around on (despite the warning sign) and ignored whatever the guide was saying. Is that terrible? Maybe. I just wanted to explore this cool building and I got some ok pictures so here they are.

There were two main structures…

This one.



And this one… which I thought was pretty cool.CIMG2653a


I mean seriously, when was the last time you saw trees growing out of the roof of a building?


And there ends the weekend, I hope you have enjoyed reliving it with me. Also during this weekend we had a Scottish feast (haggis anyone?) and had a whatchamacalit where we danced which was fun but also dancing with strangers that are drunk… I stayed away from the drunk ones and didn’t dance very much.

And here is the warning sign that I saw and decided to ignore (but still took a picture of…)

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