CoCo// Movie Madness

I was stressing over the fact that I don’t have anything to blog about and then I remembered that I just saw a movie! As in, I went to a movie theater rather than just watching something on my computer.

I went to local movie theater with my dad where a matinee (a word I realize I have no idea how to spell) ticket is $9 (which is cheap btw). It actually was quite appropriate that I saw this movie with my dad given that it is all about family. Family and music.

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Hello Dolly // Movie Madness

If you enjoyed Wall-E, you need to watch this move. Why you ask? Well, because this is the movie that Wall-E spends so much time watching and you will recognize some of the songs in this film.

I chose to watch this randomly as I was searching Netflix for some way to pass the time. When I stumbled upon this G rated music from 1969 that Netflix seemed to like, i figured I would give it a go. Then I watched the trailer (my typical habit before choosing a movie) and realized that it was the movie from Wall-E. Thus I had to watch it. Setting Wall-E aside, this movie can stand alone on its own two feet.

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