Firbish Activity Weekend Part 3 // Scotland

CIMG2603aMake sure to check out my Previous Posts (Part 1, Part 2) about this weekend.

So the next day after our mountainous hike was a fun day to do these various activities. I had little interest in most of the activities so instead I went on a walk with one of the girls to the nearby town.

On our walk to the town we had to walk through this farm place (the road went through their property) and there were cows on the road. So here are some cow pictures.


Apparently the town we went to was called Killin and it was originally part of the land belonging to the Macnab clan.

CIMG2588aThere was also this beautiful old bridge which was built out of local stone in 1760.


And then of course there were the beautiful Falls of Dochart (which some translate to mean ‘Scourer of Evil’). Regardless of it’s supposed powers or historical significance, it was a really beautiful river/waterfall.

On the way back from the town we went back through the farm and decided to go into a field where these standing stones were. At the time we didn’t know that we were allowed to do this but apparently the farmer is super ok with it. Can we just take a moment and appreciate that I saw (and touched) some random standing stones that were in this farmer’s field!

And that was the morning of that day. The next post will cover the afternoon and then I think this weekend will be over. I hope you are enjoying it so far.


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