Firbish Activity Weekend Part 2 // Scotland


Last time I left you we were walking through the forest ready to start hiking up the mountain. At this point (or around this point) we broke into two different groups who started on different sides of the mountain with the goal being that we would meet at the top and eat our lunches there.

So we started up the path… there was still a path at this point.


This is one of my favorite pictures. I feel like it just sums up Scotland very well. Also yes, there were some free roaming sheep.
I’m not really sure what was on this hill (is that a pipe?) but this picture is cool.

Until it started to not be a path at all….


I think this is about at the top where we stopped and met the other group and did eat our lunches. And now the grand view.


On the right, that’s a frozen lake. Also I think people were trying to slide down the hill or possibly run up it I don’t remember.

Until we finally started to head down (which was the absolute worst!). Let’s just say I dislike trudging through thick snow down the side of a mountain.


Way back down at the bottom of the hill we found this ruin thing so of course we had to go look through it (I think we found a sheep skull, there were kind of a bunch of those – also live sheep).


And that was the end of this day. I hope you enjoyed all these pictures. I had fun taking them and playing around with them. I hope you are looking forward to the rest of this weekend (it was equally beautiful).


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