Another walk around the University of Stirling // Scotland

CIMG0751xAs you may (or may not) remember I spent a semester at the University of Stirling in Scotland and took a bunch of pictures. Here are just a few that I took while I went on a walk one day. Continue reading “Another walk around the University of Stirling // Scotland”

Dumyat pt 5 // Scotland

So after the beautiful shot from last time, it’s all downhill from here (literally, we started heading back down. I know, I know, I’m so funny).

As I mentioned in the last part of these posts, the sun had started to set so basically the sky was doing beautiful things like this while we walked down.


And then that quickly turned into this…

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I decided to do a slideshow because I couldn’t for the life of me decide which sunset pictures I liked best. Let me know which is your favorite. I would be quite interested to know.

And there concludes the Dumyat expedition. It only lasted a few hours and yet I got so many pictures and memories from it. Go do something in nature.

Also sorry that this post is late. It’s been rough. I can’t guarantee that there will two posts every week for the rest of the year. I’ve been slacking on my reading.



Dumyat pt.2 // Scotland

And here continues our adventure up the hill. Make sure to check out Part One to see pictures of bluebells.

After we hopped over the fence we were soon greeted by these ruins.


And right next to them was this interesting tree with Kayla (the person I was going with) found fascinating. I think she said it was a magical tree where fairies would live or something. It was a funky tree.


And here we are on the hill above the ruins.

I quite like this picture. I’m not even really sure why.

I felt the need to document someone’s sad adventure.


And the perpetrators.


I mean, what’s a walk in Scotland if there aren’t some sheep.

And I think this is where we will leave part two. Come back for part three where we reach the top of the hill and the gorgeous view there.




Dumyat pt.1 // Scotland

CIMG5143xDid you ever read books growing up where they mentioned fields of bluebells? I never really thought that they were real until I went to Scotland and saw fields of bluebells in the spring.

If you’ve read my other scotland walk posts, you may remember that there was a hill/mountain behind the building where I lived. In the spring (after all the snow had melted and the bluebells were out) one of my flatmates and I went up Dumyat. She had already been up it before which I was grateful of because there is no clear path and I probably would have gotten lost without her. Continue reading “Dumyat pt.1 // Scotland”

Yet Another Walk // Scotland

I have no idea what this building used to be or why it was still on the campus.

And one more walk that I went on while I was in Scotland. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the photos recently.


In my wandering around I realized that there was a bee farm on campus. Hence why there were so many bees.

CIMG5097xCIMG5117xI hope you enjoyed these pictures. Sorry this post isn’t quite as nice as sometimes. It seems as though I am running out of posts to post so I might have to start scaling back to only one post a week. I’ll try to keep doing two for the rest of the year but we’ll see how that goes.


Another University Walk // Scotland

I’m assuming I meant to take a picture of the sheep but I actually quite like how this picture turned out.

While I was in Scotland I look a number of random walks around campus and took pictures. Yes, Scotland has the reputation of being very grey and gloomy but it also has a number of gorgeous days with blue skies like this one. This is the walk where I ended up taking a bunch of pictures of the different birds I found but I think the birds will get their own post.  Continue reading “Another University Walk // Scotland”

Hyde Park

CIMG6393aWhen my parents came and visited me at the end of my Scotland trip we ended up in London for a few days since I wanted to spend a little time there and also our flights left from there. One  of the things we did while we were in London was walk through Hyde park. I really don’t know much about Hyde park but it’s a famous beautiful park in London and here are some pictures from it. Continue reading “Hyde Park”