(2) The Marriage Book // Bookish Blurb

The Marriage Book by Lisa Grunwald and Stephen Adler

I really enjoyed this. It’s a large collection of quotes related to marriage. Some of it is advice and some of it is totally ridiculous and some of it is stuff that used to be advice but now is ridiculous. It’s a A to Z guide where each letter has topics starting with Adam and Eve and ending with Zoloft.

Overall I really enjoyed this book but it took me forever to finish (like months but I stopped to read other books in between). It was a good book to read before bed since it was easy to read in chunks.

Also yeah me for reading nonfiction!

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(41) Committed // Bookish Blurb

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

After reading Eat Pray Love I wanted to read everything else that Gilbert has ever written. This book takes place a few years after Eat Pray Love ends and is all about marriage. Specifically, it is about Elizabeth trying to understand what marriage really is as she tries to pep herself up for her upcoming wedding after deciding that she would never remarry after her failed first marriage. Continue reading “(41) Committed // Bookish Blurb”

(32) Eat Pray Love // Bookish Blurb

Eat pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

After reading Big Magic I realized that this was by the same author and I wanted to read it. I used to not want to read this book because it got so much hype. But guess what, things usually get talked about for a reason. And this one is good.

Basically this book follows the author’s life after her divorce and a heartbreaking relationship when she decides to travel to Italy, India and Indonesia to rebuild herself. I realize that doesn’t sound super fascinating but oh this book was good. Continue reading “(32) Eat Pray Love // Bookish Blurb”

(4)Big Magic // Bookish Blurb

bigmagicfinalBig Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book was recommended to me by a friend (hi friend!) so I got it from the library and read it. Going into it, I had no idea what it was about but ultimately it is about creativity and what she calls “creative living”. Continue reading “(4)Big Magic // Bookish Blurb”