(47) Dragon Prince // Bookish Blurb

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Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn

I’m not sure where I got the recommendation for this book but it’s kind of your typical high fantasy story about a prince and political power and some magical people. So if that’s your thing read on!

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(42) The Huntress // Bookish Blurb

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The Huntress by Kate Quinn

This is the same author that wrote the Alice Network which I enjoyed (although I didn’t totally love it) and this book has been getting a lot of love from people so I thought I would give it a shot.

In this book we follow three different story lines all interwoven with the story of “the Huntress” a German Nazi who (among other things) killed six children. The war is over, most people want to forget, but some people need to find and punish those who did wrong.

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(38) The Names They Gave Us // Bookish Blurb


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Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord

Books and Lala recommended this book on her YouTube channel and I thought I would give it a try. I also read Girls of Paper and Fire on her recommendation but mostly she reads thrillers (which I don’t enjoy). Anyway, back to the book.

This is a teen book following the life of Lucy as her mother deals with cancer and her life feels like it’s falling apart. Instead of spending the summer with her parents at their Christian camp (where her dad is the pastor) her mom sends to be a counselor at the other camp… the camp for kids that are going through a hard time. There Lucy is forced to deal with the real issues in her life and those around her and finally make some good friends.

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(21) Sabriel // Bookish Blurb

Related imageSabriel by Garth Nix

I really enjoyed this book. It’s set in a world where there is a magical kingdom and a ‘normal’ kingdom that have a physical wall between them that (usually keeps the magical things in their kingdom). In this book we follow Sabriel who goes in search of her dead father’s body so that she can bring him back to life. Continue reading “(21) Sabriel // Bookish Blurb”

(17) This Is Where I Leave You // Bookish Blurb

Image result for this is where i leave you by jonathan tropperThis Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper

This is an adult realistic fiction novel following the lives of the Foxman family. The father has (finally) died after years of cancer. Apparently his dying wish was that his family sit Shiva for him (despite him not being a religious man). Thus his four adult children must spend a week together along with their mother and various other characters. Continue reading “(17) This Is Where I Leave You // Bookish Blurb”

(16) Inheriting Edith // Bookish Blurb

Image result for inheriting edith by zoe fishmanInheriting Edith by Zoe Fishman

This book came to me in a rather odd roundabout fashion. My sister brought it with her at Christmas and then left it because she didn’t want to take it home with her. My Mom read it and then gave it to me and it sat on my shelves for almost two months before I miscalculated my library requests and ran out of stuff to read. So I finally picked it up.

This is a story about Maggie, a cleaning lady in NYC who suddenly inherits a fancy house from one of her clients. However the house comes with a catch.She must take care of the her client’s mother, Edith,  who has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Continue reading “(16) Inheriting Edith // Bookish Blurb”

(83) Children of Blood and Bone // Bookish Blurb

Image result for children of blood and bone by tomi adeyemiChildren of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

This is a teen fantasy novel where the magical people have all lost their magic and the nonmagical people oppress them. However magic can come back if only Zeile and her friends are able to collect magical items and do this magical ceremony on a magical island. Continue reading “(83) Children of Blood and Bone // Bookish Blurb”

(54) The Good Lord Bird // Bookish Blurb

Image result for The Good Lord Bird by James McBrideThe Good Lord Bird by James McBride

I thought I would give this book a try after all the fantasy I’ve been reading but I think I’ll go back to all the fantasy.

In this book we follow Henry, a slave in Kansas who gets ‘freed’ by violent abolisionish John Brown. However somehow John , also referred to as “old man’ and “captain’ thinks he’s a girl. Thus we follow Henry as he becomes Henrietta and follow along this crazy man bent on freeing the slaves and killing anyone who gets in his way. Continue reading “(54) The Good Lord Bird // Bookish Blurb”