(27) Girl Waits With Gun // Bookish Blurb

Related imageGirl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart

This is a historical fiction mystery novel based off of the true story of the first female detective in the United States. Interested yet?

This book follows the story of Constance Kopp and how her life and that of her family is completely changed by one fateful accident. One day Constance and her two sisters are in their buggy which gets hit by a motorcar. Although no one is majorly injured, the motorcar driver is meant to pay for the damages. However he is a rich factory owner and has no intention of paying for them. Thus we follow Constance’s journey to do what she thinks is a very normal thing and how she and her family has to put up with the terrors of the rich and powerful. Continue reading “(27) Girl Waits With Gun // Bookish Blurb”