(29) The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe // Bookish Blurb

Image result for the dream-quest of vellitt boe by kij johnsonThe Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe by Kij Johnson

This is a short fantasy novella which apparently is related to a classic book by H.P. Lovecraft (which I have never read or even heard of). It tells the story of the journey Vellitt has to take in order to find a student who has run away from the college where she teaches. If she doesn’t find her and convince her to return to the school, the school will be closed since men don’t see the point in educating women.

I really wanted to like this book but mostly I just found it boring. I kept wanting something to happen. It’s very much a journey/travel book with lots of ‘she went here and stayed here and then went there and stayed there’. This was  a short book so I didn’t expect it to drag but it really did. I just wanted to be done with it but even the ending was just kinda weird.

However there were things about this book that were interesting. The setting and the idea of a dream world that’s real was interesting. Also I appreciated the fact that the way women are treated as less in this world is very straight forward and Vellitt struggles to get men to pay attention to what she’s saying and actually value her. Also the cat was cute.

Overall a rather disappointing book. I think maybe if I had read the book it’s based off of I might have enjoyed it more. Intersting concept, just not for me.

#29 of 2018


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