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Image result for lost in a good bookLost in a Good Book by Lasper Fforde

This is the second book in the Thursday Next series (the first being The Eyre Affair). I loved the first one so much I was excited to pick up this one. I think my expectations were a bit too high but I still enjoyed this book overall. Again there was a general confusion most of the way through the book since nothing is ever explained. Unlike the first book where I felt like I understood most of the stuff (since I have read Jane Eyre), this book made me realize just how many ‘classics’ I haven’t read. That didn’t necessarily detract from the book but it did make me feel like I was missing out on stuff.

The premise of this book is that Thursday’s husband is erased from history and in order to get him back, Thursday has to get the guy out of the book that they trapped him in in the first book. This involves Thursday having to learn how to get into books without her uncle’s invention and with the help of other book characters.

My favorite part of this book was probably all about Thursday and her husband’s relationship and such and how they have a relationship despite him not existing most of the time.

I was generally most confused about whatshername and what the point of her being in the story was… I guess to add more peril? Also I guess to give the author a reason to continue the series.

The ending, although interesting, was rather unsatisfying and very much felt incomplete unlike the first book which felt complete with the option of a second book. This second book feels very much like it is part of a series.

There were moments I really enjoyed and once I (kinda) understood the plot it was enjoyable but now I have to keep reading because I really want the thing to happen that didn’t happen but I feel like it might be a few books until that happens. How ‘s that for a nice vague statement.

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