(16) Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda // Bookish Blurb

Image result for simon vs the homosapien agendaSimon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

Basically, Simon is a closet gay high schooler who ends up emailing some other gay kid at his school but they don’t know who each other is. And they fall in love via email but Simon is forced to come out to the school all the while trying to find this boy who is stealing his heart. It’s a very quick easy read especially since it goes back and forth between the narration and the emails they exchange.

I ultimately really liked this book. It was kinda everything I expected it to be. It’s a teen angsty gay romance. I liked the characters and how unique they all are.

Throughout the book I kept guessing who Blue (the mystery boy) was and I knew Simon was wrong (hehe). Simon I actually found to be a very likable (and kinda relate-able) character. He’s more into the type of things my friends were into (As opposed to the crazy party stuff) but I mean, he’s also gay which I have no experience with.

I did like how this book made me think about how straight people don’t have to come out as straight but gay people have to come out as gay. We should all have to come out. Anyway, I liked Simon and his family (yay, family dynamics in books! Also his parents are unlike any parents I’ve read about in books and I really liked how they dealt with the whole ‘everything is a big deal’ thing which I totally relate to) and his friends although at some point I did kinda get confused with all the characters. I know why there are so many characters but still, I got confused sometimes (maybe I’m just no good at keeping track of high school boys… they were all the same to me).

And the romance is sufficiently cute and sexy without being too mature (although male sexuality is still something I feel weird reading about).

It was cute and well rounded and had such an adorable ending although the very very end felt a bit rushed and unexpected but I guess it was supposed to.

Also if you missed it, this was made into a movie recently.

#16 of 2018.


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