(13) The Hired Girl // Bookish Blurb

The Hired Girl by Laura Amy Schlitz

In this YA historical fiction book we follow the diary of Joan Skraggs as she goes from being hopeless living at the whim of her father to going to work in the city and falling in love.

My biggest comment about this book is the way way religion was addressed. Joan ends up working for a Jewish family despite the fact that she’s Catholic and I found it really refreshing that not only was religion addressed without feeling preachy, neither religion was made to seem superior or any such nonsense. I really appreciated the way Joan grows and learns about all of the Jewish customs and the struggles she goes through as she tries to be a good Catholic.

At times this book did feel very childish. I suppose that is because it is meant for a younger audience and Joan is only 14. It reminded me of those books I used to read when I was younger. I forget what they were called but they were all historical fiction diaries of made up girls.

Overall I enjoyed this book. It is well written and although at times it is childish, it also deals with some real and important topics. I can’t say that this book has that much of a plot to it, it’s just kind of a slice of her life which is interesting but not necessarily riveting. I appreciated how clean and just nice this book was. Like, if I had a younger person in my life I would be totally ok with them reading this book. Oh, also, did I mention that Joan likes to read? So they talk about books in this book which I really appreciate. She reads “classics” ie the books that people nowadays don’t really read unless they are forced to in school but probably should read anyway.

#13 of 2018

I’m sorry that this blog is suffering but I just don’t seem to have the interest in investing lots to it. Oh well… at least I’m still documenting the books I read which I enjoy doing.


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