(12) Let’s Get Lost // Bookish Blurb

Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

I started this book (rather hesitantly) thinking that it was a teen romance (which it is) but it’s also so much more. We basically get four short stories which are all connected. The first three stories are about people who meet Leila, a girl driving up to see the northern lights, and then the fourth story is Leila’s. Each of the stories is kind of it’s own love story but they are all very different and aren’t always about romantic love. Also this book has very much the feel of a teen road trip adventure story with lots of odd hijinks.

I ended up really enjoying this book. It is a romance but it’s kind of much more about people discovering themselves and growing. Also it’s funny and fast and just a lot of fun. I liked the characters and how distinct and fully fleshed out they were. It made me want to read the rest of their stories. Also this book managed to be a teen romance without tons of ‘mature’ content. Yes, people kiss, there are stupid drunk people at parties, but it doesn’t feel like that’s a super big part of the book. Also I really liked the happy endings (I guess that’s a spoiler). They aren’t necessarily perfect endings but they are happy and I really appreciated that.

In a weird way this book kind of reminded me of The Sun is Also a Star in the way that it’s so sweet and happy yet somehow realistic and stupid.

I kinda didn’t end up liking Leila’s story that much but it does a nice job of tying all the other stories together. Her’s seemed the most unbelievable to me (especially the very end ) but it was still sweet and hopeful.

Overall, a quick fun read if you like teen coming of age/romance/roadtrip books.

#12 of 2018



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