(9) Turtles All The Way Down // Bookish Blurb

Image result for Turtles All The Way Down by John GreenTurtles All The Way Down by John Green

I’ve read all the other John Green books so I thought I should give this one a try and I actually liked it. Not that I’ve hated his other books but I liked this book more than I was expecting to.

Roughly this book follows Aza who has OCD and although there is kinda a plot, the book mostly is centered around the way her disorder affects her life.

I really appreciated the way John Green was able to express and explain mental illness and I almost wish I wasn’t able to relate so much to the characters (especially to feeling guilty for making people worry but sorry my brain can’t change overnight). I think everyone will be able to relate to something in this book even if you have never struggled with any sort of mental illness yourself. It also looks at the way this affects all the people around her which I think is super important.

I found the romance in this book really interesting (especially the way mental illness mixed or didn’t with it) but I really appreciated how this book is ultimately more about friendship than romantic relationships.

There are a lot of deep complex issues touched on in this book but it didn’t feel overwhelming and it didn’t feel quite as… preachy? as I feel like some of his writing is. Idk, maybe its because so much of the book takes places inside one mind.

I kinda didn’t like the ending but I understand that he wanted to say that there is hope and things get better. I just didn’t like the sudden jump.

I read this really quickly (like..in 24hrs)

My biggest complaint is probably with the actual plot (or like… lack of plot). I understand that this is a character driven book but the characters are just so believable and complex and then they are thrown into this just…. weird plot. like, billionaires and tuitara? but maybe they are meant to balance each other out.

Overall definitely worth a read. If for nothing else, I think it does help explain mental illness (or at least one manifestation of mental illness) in a way that is accessible to most people and tries to explain something that is very hard to express.

#9 of 2018


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