(7) Wild Beauty // Bookish Blurb

33158561Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore

Basically this book is about a group of women (specifically five cousins) who can make flowers grow. However the men that they love are cursed to disappear and if they ever try to leave the land they live on, they will die.

Overall, I found this book disappointing. I think something about the way it was written made it hard to read I guess. I just wasn’t drawn into the book. Also it probably didn’t help that there were so many characters.

I did actually find the plot interesting, but it took so long to actually get to the plot that I wasn’t satisfied when I finally got there.

Maybe this was just me but I kinda found it hard to tell the characters apart. I know the five cousins are supposed to be similar but I have no idea who is who or what order they go in or anything. Also I thought they were sisters but they’re cousins. Idk, I was just confused about the characters

Also I have no idea what time period this is set in. It seemed like the author tried to make it modern and yet it seemed set in the past but then they were like ‘we have phones!’. it was just very confusing to me.

I will say there is a kinda hispanic note to this book (But again, I have no idea where this is supposed to be located).

Idk, I was just a bit confused and bored and I wanted to like this book (And there were interesting aspects to this book…)

ok, this is a bad review but I feel like I’ve already forgotten about this book.

I will say, this book does a good job at making bisexuality normal and just letting people love who they want to love.

#7 of 2017


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