(5) Sourdough // Bookish Blurb

9781925603156.jpgSourdough by Robin Sloan

This book is about Lois who is miserable until she starts making bread with faces on it and then her life completely changes.

At first I really liked this book. It starts off fast and is very easy to read. It’s a pretty short book overall. I liked the main character but it did feel like there were a lot of characters for a book so short and some of them were only really there for a scene and then never seen from again…

I liked how this book was weird and yet logical except that part of the way through the book it just stopped being that way. It seemed like in order to make the book shorter they decided to just cut out a bunch of the explanations and stuff that would have made it make more sense. Then again, I feel like part of the charm of this book is that it kinda just doesn’t make sense.

I appreciated that this is just an adventure/find yourself novel without any sort of romance (Although there is the inkling of one that will follow this book).

I think the Lois club was probably my favorite part of this book but like so much else in this book it kind of just seemed tacked on to add more quirk.

Overall an interesting quick read but so… nonsensical or else I totally missed something

Ps. this is by the same author as Mr. Penumbra’s 24hr Bookstore and although I appreciate this book’s lack of adult content, it lacked the unique charm of that book and was even more unbelievable.

oh, also this will make you want to eat bread. Lots of bread. Especially sourdough bread.

#5 of 2018


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