(3) The Namesake // Bookish Blurb

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

I was so upset because I didn’t have a book to read and then I remembered that my mom had passed on this book to me. I think someone gave it to her and she read it and then gave it to me since she thought I might like it.

Basically this book follows the Ganguli family as they immigrate from Calcutta to America. We follow the parents as they first arrive and then for the majority of the book we follow their son as he is increasingly lost and torn between two worlds. Continue reading “(3) The Namesake // Bookish Blurb”


(2) The Marriage Book // Bookish Blurb

The Marriage Book by Lisa Grunwald and Stephen Adler

I really enjoyed this. It’s a large collection of quotes related to marriage. Some of it is advice and some of it is totally ridiculous and some of it is stuff that used to be advice but now is ridiculous. It’s a A to Z guide where each letter has topics starting with Adam and Eve and ending with Zoloft.

Overall I really enjoyed this book but it took me forever to finish (like months but I stopped to read other books in between). It was a good book to read before bed since it was easy to read in chunks.

Also yeah me for reading nonfiction!

#2 of 2018


(1) The Alice Network // Bookish Blur

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

In this book we follow the stories of Eve Gardiner who becomes a spy during WW1 and Charlie St Clair who goes in search of her sister who went missing after WW2 despite the fact that she is a young pregnant woman.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. There’s a lot about women and how awesome they are despite all the stupid people in the world who tell them they aren’t. There is also a bunch about war obviously and what that does to you. Continue reading “(1) The Alice Network // Bookish Blur”

Top books I read in 2017 aka books I would read again

Hello and welcome to my TOP BOOKS OF 2017. I know I’m a little late in the game but if you read my last post you’ll know that I took a bit of a break from blogging. Better late than never I guess. This post was a lot of fun to figure out. I really liked being able to look back at all the books I read (2017 was the first year I kept track of what books I read) and it was interesting to realize how few I would actually read again. Also a few of the books I read in 2017 were rereads already so I wasn’t sure if they belonged on this list or not but I tacked them on at the end in their own category.  So read on to see what the best books I read in 2017 were.  You can click on the title of each to read a full post on it. Continue reading “Top books I read in 2017 aka books I would read again”