Another University Walk // Scotland

I’m assuming I meant to take a picture of the sheep but I actually quite like how this picture turned out.

While I was in Scotland I look a number of random walks around campus and took pictures. Yes, Scotland has the reputation of being very grey and gloomy but it also has a number of gorgeous days with blue skies like this one. This is the walk where I ended up taking a bunch of pictures of the different birds I found but I think the birds will get their own post. 

I took a different route down to one of the lochs on campus.


Hello, there’s me.
I also came across this thing that I have no idea what it is but yeah, here’s a metal hole in the ground Also the tower in the background is the Wallace Monument if you were wondering.
I quite like stumps. Especially ones with character like this one.


This is one of my favorites


I did allow one bird in this post because I think this is quite a nice picture. I mean, I think all of them are nice but this picture belonged in this post despite the prominent bird presence.


And my feet on one of the bridges. I kept this picture (even though it isn’t the best) because I wanted to remember these shoes and to document that I was there.
Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine.

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures. I’ve had a lot of fun going through all of them. There are still so many more but slow and steady wins the race, right? If you want to see more Scotland pictures be sure to check out the Scotland tab which lists all my Scotland posts.

I hope you are having a lovely day.

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