Falkirk // Scotland

Note: Please take this post with a grain of salt. It might be offensive to the mind and body otherwise. Also sorry if you were looking for a book-related post, there will be another one of those soon.

Another of the day trips I went on while I was in Scotland was to Falkirk. Apparently there is nothing in Falkirk and I kind of happen to agree but we went there nonetheless. It was kind of a miserable day (we went from freezing rain to snow and I was not properly attired) but I ended up with some semi nice pictures and a few stories so I thought I would share those with you.

Our first stop of the day was to the Kelpies:

So basically the Kelpies are these two massive horse heads. These pictures don’t really help you understand scale but just believe me that they are massive. Kelpies, at least according to what I was told,  are these mythical creatures that take the form of beautiful horses but when you get on them you can’t get off and they go into the river and drown you and eat you. Scotland (and I think specifically the Falkirk area) was really trying to build tourist attractions so they commissioned an artist to build a sculpture at an important part of the old canal system. The country used to be heavily traveled by canals but these are basically no longer used since people don’t travel by boat anymore. However at one point this location was a very significant space. The artist wanted to do something related to water and Scotland so he made this giant horse heads inspired by the Kelpies and the big work horses that farmers used touse. These sculptures are big enough that when you take the train past Falkirk you can see them in the distance. He modeled them after real horses and one of the horses lost a horseshoe on the day they opened and that horseshoe is on display inside one of them. Maybe if it hadn’t been miserable weather I would have enjoyed it more but standing in the rain being told all this history while looking at giant metal horse heads… I wasn’t super happy.


I mentioned that they were at an important place near the canals so here’s a picture of one of the canals. I think I like taking pictures of boats.


Then we went to the Falkirk Wheel. Another structure created to help with tourism. Also this is where we ate lunch in the tiny little cafe that fortunately sold warm soup. Also I didn’t have to pay for it so I got soup and a sandwich because I am that person.

I forget why the wheel was supposed to be so cool but I think the point of it was to get boats from different canals that were different heights. Something like that maybe. All I know is that it was miserable on board and rainy so my view out the fogged up windows looked like this:

I’m guessing that it was around this time that it turned from rain to snow.

Then we headed to the middle of nowhere where we could apparently see some of the roman wall that is still in Scotland.

This is not a Roman wall.
Neither is this.

So I don’t actually have any pictures of any wall or anything (These pictures were taken on our way there) because apparently all there is left of the wall is a hill(?) and mostly there were trees and snow and I was so cold but yeah, these pictures are pretty right?

Then we finally went to our last (and my favorite) stop of the day, Callendar House. Yes, that is how it is spelled. Basically it was this old house that is now a museum type thing which was super cool (actually it was nice and warm inside). I remember they had an exhibit on the history of women’s undergarments which was super interesting but we had like 45 min here because of all the other things we did in the day (and probably also because of the weather) so we weren’t able to stay there very long 😦


And here is a view looking out from the steps of the house. You can see why it was such a great day.

Ok, all jokes aside, I definitely learned a bunch on this day and looking back I am very glad I went on the day trip. I wish I could have spent more time in Callendar house and less time out in the rain/snow but it was an adventure and that’s what I went to Scotland to have.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about this random day of mine. I enjoyed reliving it.



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