(35) Today Will Be Different // Bookish Blurb

Today will be different by Maria Semple

This book is by the same author who wrote Where’d You Go Bernadette? which is why I picked up this book. Spoiler, I did not enjoy this book nearly as much as I hoped. In fact, I almost didn’t finish this book.

I found this book incredibly confusing which I guess it’s supposed to be considering it follows a woman who doesn’t really have anything put together. Basically we follow one day in her life but we also switch to other time periods and to realities that aren’t real and it’s just confusing. Basically we follow Liz on a day that she wants to be a good day but ends up just kind of going haywire.

Ultimately I enjoyed the ending of the book (although it has a bunch of unanswered questions) in so far as it seemed kind of realistic and also did resolve the big question that emerged during the day (although in a way that was so weird). There was just so much of this book that seemed… irrelevant? I guess it was trying to tell her back story and explain how she is now or something but it just made the story super complicated in a seemingly unnecessary way. (Just like all the unnecessary words in that sentence)

So yeah, although the ending was ok I ultimately did not enjoy this book and not even for the usual reasons why I don’t enjoy books. This didn’t have any annoying adult content or an annoying ending, it was just super confusing and unrelatable for me. I think maybe if I was slightly older and able to connect with Liz better (I mean, she’s about to turn 50) then I might have liked it better but as it was I don’t feel like this book was worth the effort I had to put in it to understand what was going on.

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