Hocking Hills

CIMG7858aDuring ‘Senior Week’ the school tried to have fun activities that you could do (most of which were just “come and drink here so that we can watch over you”) and one of which (one of the very few that did not seem to be about drinking) was hiking in Hocking Hills. The organization for the event was terrible but overall I actually had a really good experience. I went with my friend and explored a new place I had never been to before. It was really beautiful (although smaller than I was expecting) and here are some lovely pictures of nature for you to enjoy. There are quite a few so I hope you are ready for the long haul.

There was lots of beautiful trickling water. Basically we were following the stream (when does a stream count as a river?).


Sometimes the most beautiful view is up.
There were a few man made tunnels that the trail went through and for some reason they made me ridiculously excited.


So this was taken from inside Old Man’s Cave which is named after an old man who lived in it during the 1800s.
And this is the “Sphinx Head”


Just a big beautiful mossy rock


And then we finally got to the main waterfall. It really was gorgeous.


We really wanted to know why this area was closed but there was nothing to tell us.
Also I really wanted to know why the water at this waterfall was so blue.


I really appreciated how they tried to make the path seem naturalish.


This was taken from a bridge over this river. We ended up dropping pebbles into the river and watching the ripples which is very satisfying.

I hope you enjoyed all these pictures. It was a very beautiful place and if you are in the area I recommend checking it out if you like walking around nature. I think people forget that there are places like this even in Ohio.

Looking over this post again I think I probably should have included fewer pictures but oh well, I hope you liked it anyway.

On a slightly unrelated note, do you like it when I shrink the pictures (at least the vertical ones) or is it annoying? My pictures are always so big so I feel like I should shrink them but would you like them better if they were bigger? Sorry for all the weird sizing on these. I know they are a bunch of different sizes.


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