(32) Eat Pray Love // Bookish Blurb

Eat pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

After reading Big Magic I realized that this was by the same author and I wanted to read it. I used to not want to read this book because it got so much hype. But guess what, things usually get talked about for a reason. And this one is good.

Basically this book follows the author’s life after her divorce and a heartbreaking relationship when she decides to travel to Italy, India and Indonesia to rebuild herself. I realize that doesn’t sound super fascinating but oh this book was good.

I don’t usually read nonfiction. As my friend recently pointed out, pretty much all the books I’ve posted on here have been fiction. I know this book is technically nonfiction (the library categorized it under Biography) but it doesn’t feel like nonfiction to me. Maybe because it is set in the present (or rather in the not too far past) and Liz goes on such crazy adventures, it feels like she just made up some story that she’s telling you.

The whole book is written in present tense with flashbacks in time which is very interesting since we know that everything happened in the past yet her narration is all in present tense. Also I just need to comment about her voice. You know, the ‘voice’ that authors have when they write? Hers is super engaging. I mean, she’s just so funny any witty and all around just a good story teller. She is able to really help us see how totally broken she was and ultimately how much better she is in the end (I assume that’s not a spoiler).

I was initially unsure how I would feel about this book but I ultimately really enjoyed it. I feel like there is something in this book that will resonate with anyone. No, I have never gone through a heartbreaking divorce or traveled to any of these countries but she is just so raw and real about everything (sometimes almost too much) that it all becomes so relate-able. I should mention that a bunch of this book focuses on mediation and spiritual things which she is very open about. It is all part of her journey and even if I may find her ideas kind of odd or extreme they obviously work for her and for that I’m a little jealous.

I guess I have to say that I would recommend this book. To adults. It is very much an adult book. I don’t know if it is necessarily geared towards women but as a woman I was able to really relate to that perspective on certain topics.

Overall good book, lots of fun stories, and just uplifting although it did make me feel like I should be doing more for myself and my own happiness.

Eat Pray Love on Amazon

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