(29) Glinda of Oz // Bookish Blurb

glinda_coverGlinda of Oz by L Frank Baum

In this last Oz book, Dorothy and Ozma set out to try and stop a war between two hitherto unknown groups of people in Oz. Of course this ends up being much harder than they anticipate and all the other characters of the Oz books end up coming and having to save them

It was very interesting the way all of the characters assemble at the end and get their own blurb telling you about them. This book felt very much like a grand finale. Yet this book is also much darker than other Oz books and also involves much less random traveling and meeting odd characters.

This was an easy to read book (all the Oz books are) but I can’t say that I enjoyed it that much. Perhaps that was due to my mentality while reading it rather than the book itself but overall it felt like it lacked some of the usual Ozish charm and humor. I felt like there were a lot of subliminal political messages in this book. Also I’m not sure why it is called Glinda of Oz since Glinda doesn’t actually do much in this book. Also I didn’t like how this book emphasized that everyone is limited in some way. It felt like this book really wanted to preach a message to you which I wasn’t anticipating.

Overall a whatever book. I finished the series and of that I’m proud. Also i’m proud for reading 30 books so far this year. I’m very impressed.

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#29 of 2017


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