Borders Trip pt. 6 // Scotland

CIMG1941aAnd finally, our very last stop of the (very long) day was to Scot’s View. This is the place where apparently Sir Walter Scott came for inspiration to be alone and write or something like that. Anyway, it was pretty (but not as pretty as I thought it was going to be) and I got a few pictures (although the lighting wasn’t super good). Yes, I am blaming the sun and not my sub-par photography skills. 


They had this there to tell you how far away various things you might be able to see were. It wasn’t a very clear day when we were there but you could still see a fair ways.
This is what you see if you look behind you at Scott’s View. I think this picture turned out better than my pictures of the actual view. I quite like this picture.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. If you enjoyed this post make sure to check out the rest of my posts about this Borders Trip:

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