Borders Trip pt.5 // Scotland


Sorry for the very long break from Scotland pictures. Did you miss them? I really like doing these posts but they take a lot more time and energy than my book posts. Have you enjoyed this week of posts? I’ve really enjoyed doing it. Anyway, onward to the post.

Ok, we’re almost done with this day trip. If you haven’t seen the other posts be sure to check them out: Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4. In this stop we explored Rosslyn Chapel. I don’t have a ton of pictures because we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the inside but it was really beautiful. I forget the history of the place (bad me for forgetting everything) but I do remember that there was a story we were told.

So in this story (that may or may not be true) this craftsman carved this pillar but he wasn’t happy with it so he went and traveled around trying to gain inspiration in order to make a better pillar. While he was away his apprentice had this dream of this gorgeous pillar so the apprentice woke up and carved this beautiful pillar. When the craftsman came back and saw the pillar that his apprentice had created he was so filled with jealously and anger that he threw something at the apprentice and killed him. In the chapel there are both pillars and there are carvings of the two men (because of course they were men) such that the craftsman is forever staring at his apprentice’s pillar and the apprentice is staring at his master’s pillar. There were lots of intricate carvings telling all sorts of stories throughout the building even though it wasn’t very big. Also there was something about how people had tried to patch up the roof but instead this had caused major damages so there was a lot of repairs that they had to do. Also there was something about how a deadly sin was switched with whatever the good things are called so something like greed was a good thing instead of a bad thing or something. It was really cool  and here are some pictures that I was able to take of the outside.


This (I believe) is the main entrance. At least it is the entrance we walked through.



And here is the other side of the building.


And here I will leave you with the remnants of a rainbow in the distance.


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