(27) I’ll Give You the Sun // Bookish Blurb

16109340I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

This is a YA coming of age story about twins Jude and Noah.

This story is about family, guilt, loss, being broken and trying to put your life back together and yet it manages to still have moments of humor and . I don’t really know how to explain this book very well without giving too much away.

I ended up really enjoying this book. It was very well written although it was much more ‘sexual’ than I was really prepared for. There’s a lot of them discovering themselves and that includes their sexuality.

I really liked how this book deals with family issues. It didn’t dumb anything down or simplify the complexity of real situations. Although the book focuses on Jude and Noah’s relationship, their relationship is directly related to their relationships with their parents.

I appreciated how this book dwelt heavily on the idea of expectations and how do you deal with trying to make someone happy and live up to their expectations while trying to be true to yourself who wants to be a totally different way.

I really appreciated the ending. It felt resolved and realistic while still giving me the happy ending that I wanted. At times this book was funny but I never cried unlike some people apparently. The one part about the ending that I didn’t like as much was where one character tried to the the ‘mature’ thing and wait until they were older but that failed. I really wanted them to wait for awhile but I guess this book is aimed for younger audiences who wouldn’t have appreciated a 16 yr old who actually decided that they should wait before being in a serious relationship (sorry if that’s spoilerish).

Although i didn’t appreciate how graphic this book was (I think possibly because I am a girl so hearing a guy’s sexual thoughts felt weird), it was ultimately written very well and addressed some heavy topics in a very thoughtful and easy to understand manner. The characters all have quirks that make them lovable even while you hate them and I think this book artfully wrestles the idea of trying to understand people complexly.

I feel like I should point out that this book deals with some heavy serious issues (death, depression, bullying, rape, etc.) so only read it if you are ready to dive into deep water.

I’ll Give You the Sun on Amazon

#27 of 2017

I just realized how weird it is that I always link the books I read to Amazon. I don’t get any of my books off of Amazon (I’m a big fan of the library) but it felt like something I should do. Thoughts? Suggestions for something better?


3 thoughts on “(27) I’ll Give You the Sun // Bookish Blurb

  1. rebeccamills01 says:

    I read another one of Jandy Nelson’s books and this one is on my list next. Your review actually made me more excited to read it 🙂


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