(26)The Secret Life of Bees // Bookish Blurb

81bdonfzzolThe Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

I had been meaning to read this book for a while especially after I read The Invention of Wings and realized that it was written by the same author. I knew I needed to read this book. In this book we follow 14 yr old Lily Owens as she escapes the horrors of her existence and tries to find out more about her dead mother. It is about race and strong women who have lots of hardship. 

This was a really well written book and I enjoyed the story although it is much more reflective than action based. I really appreciated the complexity of the characters and how hard issues were dealt with. I suppose it is a coming of age story for Lily but it is kind of so much more than that.

In the book Lily ends up living with a group of black women and I found it really interesting to hear her perspective on that. For example her reflections about how she didn’t like it when black people didn’t like her because she was white or how she admits that secretly she thought that because she was white she was smarter than black people.

I sped through this book and honestly it just felt good for my soul. It is very much a book about flawed people who are trying their best and about a little girl (she’s not that little) who happens to find a wonderful and unexpected home.

I would say that this book does seem to be geared more towards women (I mean, most of the characters are women) but I would recommend it to just about anyone. Solid book. Glad I read it.

Oh yeah, there are actually bees involved in the book but no, this is not really a book about bees.

The Secret Life of Bees on Amazon

#26 of 2017

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