(25) Uprooted // Bookish Blurb

uprootedUprooted by Naomi Novik

Finally I got to read some fantasy. I thought this book started a little slow but once it got going I was totally hooked and didn’t want to put it down. I’m not exactly sure how to explain this book but it is about magic and an evil forest that corrupts people and wants everyone to die. That sounds very dark and I guess it is actually quite a dark book (I mean, a lot of people die just not very many people I cared about) but it is also a book about hope and discovering yourself.

This book is set in kind of your typical kings and townspeople sort of world where there are rich people who live in the city and all the villagers who do their own thing and then there are randomly magical people and evil creatures.

This book was well written and I found the plot just really intriguing. I loved the idea of the evil forest and how it manipulates people even without their knowing and I loved the magic system that seemed to mostly make sense and yet how two people could do magic very differently. I really appreciated Agnieszka, our narrator, and how she refuses to give up on the people she loves especially the complexity of her relationship with her best friend.

My biggest problem with this book was probably that it included a sex scene. I’m not really sure that it was necessary or at least not in that much detail but whatever, I’ve never written a book. Although I will say that I appreciated how it focused on the woman for once although in a weird way that made it seem  more explicit. Anyway, moving on from that one page in the book

What else can I say? I really enjoyed the characters in this book and how unique and complex they were. I really enjoyed learning about the history of the wood and how the people have interacted with it.

Also apparently this story is loosely based off of some Polish fairy tales (think Baba Yaga type of thing if that means anything to you). Overall, good book if you enjoy action and magic with a little bit of romance and some good friendships. I should mention how I did appreciate the friendship aspect of this book although the family aspect seemed to be a little lacking. And I appreciated that this was a stand alone book. The whole time I was reading it I was afraid that it was just he first one in a series and I was not ready to commit myself to reading a series.

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#25 of 2017

Also apparently I’ve read some other books by this author which I didn’t realize until after I had read this which was interesting. I remember enjoying some of her other books but again not really appreciating the sex.


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