(21) March // Bookish Blurb

13529March by Geraldine Brooks

This book takes the story of Little Women and tells the story of Mr. March when he goes away to be a chaplain during the civil war.

I was really intrigued by the premise of this book since I have fond memories of Little Women but ultimately that was my downfall concerning this book. I think if this book had just been a completely new story I would have enjoyed it, however it was a far throw from the wonderful innocence of Little Women. Instead I felt robbed of the good memories associated with Little Women.

In this book we learn of Mr. March’s accumulation of wealth and how he looses it all. How he falls in love and then hides from his wife the woman he loved long ago. He also ends up teaching freed slaves to read which he really enjoys. In the second part of the book we learn more from Mrs. march’s perspective where she has to help her husband recover while she works through all the lies and secrets. Also I did not appreciate how Mrs. march became this angry nasty woman and that they were so sexualized. I recognize that the book very much wanted to make the characters more realistic and they are more realistic but that definitely made me like them less and I kept wanting to yell ‘No! they aren’t like that!”

Overall I was definitely disappointed in this book. It had an intriguing premise but my inability to separate the original Little Women from this book made me unable to truly enjoy it. However it was well written and definitely explored the complexities of human nature and what war does to people and relationships.

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#21 of 2017

I would just like to add that the version of the book that I read did not have a cover that looks like the one shown above. The book I read looked like this:


Unfortunately this is the largest picture of this cover that I could find. Usually I try and put a picture of the cover I read if for no other reason than to help jog my memory in the future.

Also sorry for the lack of picture post today, I’m so backlogged on book posts and picture posts take a lot longer.


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