(19) The Rosie Project // Bookish Blurb

the-rosie-projectThe Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

This is an Australian book about Don, a socially awkward genetics professor who has decided to create a questionnaire in order to find an acceptable partner, and Rosie, a woman who does not fulfill many of the requirements to be an acceptable partner nor is she looking to be, and how they fall in love.

My favorite part of this book was trying to understand the way Don works. He narrates the story and is just such an interesting character. I believe that he has Asperger syndrome. He is incredibly smart but has a very hard time empathizing with people and understanding social behavior.

Overall I enjoyed this book. It was very different, but I do wish that it had involved less sex (or rather discussion of sex?). It was a fast read and left me hooked. Even though it’s kind of predictable (I mean, how many ways can a love story end?) it definitely didn’t take the most direct route to get there. I believe other people have commented about how it seems like it would make a perfect movie (and a movie is already in the works) although I feel like we might lose some of Don’s amazing narration.

An interesting book in that it helped me understand how someone with Asberger’s might think although it ultimately was much too ‘adult’ for me.

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#19 of 2017


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