Border Trip pt.3 // Scotland

CIMG1817aJust a reminder, when I was in Scotland I went on a little day trip. First I spent an evening in Edinburgh, then we went to Traquair house and then we went to Melrose (a small cute town) where we were set free to go feed ourselves and then meet together later. As I had no friends traveling with me and did not want to spend very much money I think I bought a meat pasty although I might have bought nothing. I remember thinking that I thought they were going to feed us lunch since they charged us so much to go on this trip. In my wandering around the town I came across the Priorwood Garden. It wasn’t really garden season but it was still quite pretty and they had a gift shop where I bought my friends gifts (and regret not buying myself the 3 pound little wooden cow that was so cute but I was being really tight with regards to money).


“For Jill Currie/Guardian of Priorwood/1948-1973”


Just a little history on Priorwood Garden (via a sign I took a picture of):

“In its long and interesting history, Priorwood Garden has been part of an abbey estate, a kitchen garden for a grand house and a valuable market garden during the Second World War. In the 1970s this tranquil garden was brought under the National Trust for Scotland and so escaped being made into a car park in order to accommodate increased tourism to Melrose.”

I found the garden a nice little escape and if it had been a bit warmer and a different time of year I think it would have been quite delightful. Also apparently they have big orchards attached to it which I don’t remember seeing but they probably didn’t look very interesting in the winter. I hope you will join me on the next part of this adventure as we head into the Melrose Abbey.


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