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The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Ok, so this was another YA romance book. Somehow I ended up with a bunch of them all at once. In this book Andie thinks she has her life figured out and then a couple of things happen and she realizes that life could be different and so much better. Again, I was not in love but I will say that although it had many similarities to My Life Next Door, I think I liked this one better.

Similarity #1- single parent (this time her dad)

#2- parent works in politics (although this time there is a scandal at the beginning of the book and he stops working for a while

Some things I liked about this book: I really appreciated that Andie had friends. They hung out all the time and a bunch of the book was about their relationship as friends although I have to say that I wasn’t super thrilled (and was slightly confused) about the state of some of the friendships at the end of the book. I really liked seeing how all four girls were unique and how they all fit together. I also really enjoyed watching how Andie’s relationship with her father develops. Pretty much, after the death of her mother five years ago, they drifted apart but once he is forced to stop working they begin to drift back together again which was nice to see. Also, although this book was (again) kind of centered around sex, it didn’t feel nearly as graphic or obsessive as My Life Next Door did however it did have lots of drinking and partying which I didn’t feel the need to know about but I guess the author was trying to be ‘realistic’ (because that’s all high-schoolers do apparently …).

I wasn’t super thrilled with the ending, but I guess it was kinda more realistic than other books might have tried to make it. Most of the lines are all wrapped up even if not the way you want them to be. I did kind of like the guy in this book (even if I don’t remember his name) since he was so quirky yet I also found him kinda unrealistic.

Overall an ok YA romance. I wish I had something besides a romance to read now but it looks like that’s what’s next as well. oh well. Also can I just say, I have no idea why there is an ice cream truck on the cover of the book. She never gets ice cream when she is walking the dogs (that would be such a bad idea.. oh well).

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#18 of 2017


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