Borders day trip pt.2 // Scotland

CIMG1687aSo on this day trip, in the morning after my evening in Edinburgh we met and then went to our first stop which was the Traqair house. I forget the historical significance of this house but it was old and we saw lots of old stuff in it.

They had the house all historical looking in an attempt to keep with the era when it was first meant to be used. Also this was the place where they showed us a shoe that was supposedly older than the United States. The above bed (I believe) is one of the possible beds on which Mary Queen of Scots last slept before she was beheaded.


I have a thing for clocks. I seem to photograph them everywhere. This one was not particularly interesting but I still liked it.
I really liked these bells which summoned servants. It made me think of Cinderella.
Sentencing Mary to death.


An old hallway.
There was a room full of dolls. I’m not really sure why.


There was a hedge maze in the back yard (Which we were not allowed in, also it was quite cold at the time)


The beautiful library.
There was a secret exit and staircase which we all wanted to go on so we did. I can now say that I officially used a secret staircase.

Sorry for the sub-par posts recently. I could blame it on many things but I won’t make any excuses. Hopefully they will improve soon.


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