(16) My Life Next Door // Bookish Blurb

12294652My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

I don’t remember how I came across this book and thought I would get it. I kinda wish I hadn’t. Pretty much, this is a YA love story about rich Samantha who has a busy controlling mother and Jase the next door neighbor who is from a big crazy (poor) family and how they fall in love one summer.

I wanted to like this book but ultimately I was really frustrated by how much it was all about sex. Almost every relationship in the book is going through some sort of sex drama and I just didn’t need to know about it.

Also the plot itself seemed pretty weak to me. The romance was a solid romance but then the author tried to make it much more complicated and (in my opinion) it just came out lacking. The ending also kind of really bothered me. There were so many questions and things that never really got wrapped up.

Also this was one of those books where she falls in love and then suddenly it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t have any other friends or something. She has friend drama but at the end of the book she seems to just not care about it anymore. It was just odd and frustrating.

Also her mom’s ‘boyfriend’ was just a creep. I mean, he was supposed to be but seriously, I did not enjoy reading about him.

So what did I enjoy? Well…I like Jase (as unrealistic as he seemed) and his family. I really appreciated the way we see the difference between how Jase and Samantha live (although it was obviously intended to be extremely different). Honestly, my favorite character in the book was probably Jase’s younger brother (he has 5 siblings) George who is overly knowledgeable about the dangers of the world and ultimately just so sweet.

Overall this book left me feeling gross and disappointed. I think this book had potential but really it was about broken and needy people and what people do to feel like they belong. Also seriously, I know the author was trying to make it ‘realistic’ but does every highschooler need to be constantly thinking about sex?

Not my favorite book by a long shot but I’m sure people who love sexy high school love stories will like it.

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