(14) Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hr Bookstore // Bookish Blurb

811wt2-ud8lMr. Penumbra’s 24-hr Bookstore by Robin Sloan

This book is about Clay Jannon who loses his job and ends up working at Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hr Bookstore. He soon realizes that this is not a regular bookstore and that there are mysteries to unravel.

I really appreciate the nerdiness of this book. All the characters are super smart in some way or another. Also I appreciated the overall quirkiness of the characters which make them almost unbelievable but also just so lovable at the same time. The author obviously did a lot of research and put a lot of effort into this book, even creating books that are in this book.

I feel like I haven’t read a lot of book from a man’s perspective so that was kind of refreshing but at times a little overkill. Overall I just really enjoyed Clay and the way the story was written. Clay is snarky and smart and nerdy and insecure.

The story is kind of out-there and had the potential to get very dark and creepy but Clay always manages to bring us back to the real world and help us realize how weird some of the stuff people are doing is. Also I’m usually a stickler for endings but I actually really appreciated the way this one ended. It solves the mystery and uncovers the secrets without feeling too forced and still remains fairly realistic. It’s  not perfect but pretty much everyone is happy at the end of the book which is always good in my book.

Overall this was just a joy to read. It was fun and fast. It did have a few moments of adult themes but not distracting amounts. I read it very quickly (possibly too quickly) but it still managed to leave a good taste in my mouth. I think I would recommend this as long as you aren’t creeped out by old men in black cloaks singing in Greek 😛

Mr Penumbra’s 24-hr Bookstore on Amazon

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