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jane-eyreJane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Way back during Thanksgiving break, I had to stay up late (late for me at least) waiting for my friend to arrive. In order to entertain ourselves, my other friend and I ended up watching movies on Netflix. The first film we watched was the 2011 version of Jane Eyre (the second was Paddigton if you were interested). While watching the film I was inspired to reread the book. I’d read it a long time ago (back in middle school I think) and I remember finding it boring and long. I had also seen another adaptation of it (there are seriously so many) but it had been a long time and I had forgotten parts of the plot. All that to say I wanted to read it again.

I won’t go into the plot because you can really find that anywhere but pretty much Jane is poor and grows up fairly miserable but ultimately ends up taking care of a rich man’s charge and she falls in love.

It is a long book that took me a very long time to read. Also there are sections of it (conversations mostly ) that are entirely in french. As someone who doesn’t speak (let alone read) french, this was a tad bit frustrating but oh well. Overall however it is a really interesting book. It’s beautiful, both in the plot and in its descriptions. Jane goes through so much pain that you just want to hug her but she in no way begs for your pity. Also she narrates the story which is kind of nice. Also there are definitely religious mentions if that bothers you but most older books do. Considering the book goes through like ten years of her life, it actually does it fairly quickly (a bunch of years are kind of skipped over since she says that they were all rather the same). Also the ending I found very satisfying. It was the ending that Jane deserved without seeming too convenient or unrealistic.

All in all I’d say that this is a book that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime and that I definitely appreciated it more now than I did in middle school. Also due to the fact that it was publish a very long time ago, you can now find digital copies for free legally.

Jane Eyre on Amazon

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