Kelingrove Art Gallery and Museum pt.2 // Scotland

cimg3189This is part two of my trip to the Kellingrove Museum in Glasgow. Make sure you saw Part 1 first.

The building itself was super beautiful and I really appreciated all the architecture. I think it might have originally been something else but I can’t say for sure.

cimg3265aThere were all these faces hanging from the ceiling which I thought were kind of cool. Also this gives you some insight into what the inside of the building looked like.
cimg3196aAgain with the beautiful architecture.

cimg3203aAlso I’ve learned that despite my general dislike of animal heads mounted on the wall, I rather like animal skulls on the wall (which is definitely weirder). Also I’m rather proud of this picture.

“In this scene from a French poem, Paul bravely caries his devoted playmate over a raging river. She later drowned at see and Paul dies broken-hearted.” Paul and Virginia 1841
I learned that I really like sculptures.cimg3212aAnd I will leave you with this last sculpture which I really enjoyed (also sorry for the weird formatting of this post, I was having issues).
“This child’s mother has died in childbirth or during a Victorian epidemic , leaving her father to look after her.” Motherless about 1889 by George Lawson

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