Glasgow Cathedral pt. 3 // Scotland

This is part 3 of my trip to Glasgow Cathedral, my first stop during my day trip to Glasgow. Make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 first.

This post will mostly be some pictures so sit back and enjoy.cimg2836The outside of the cathedral.cimg2835

A lamp with the symbol of Glasgow on it.cimg2834

We’ve found David Livingstone! Or at least his statue outside the Cathedral.cimg3002

The side of the Cathedral. It was a beautiful clear day.cimg3001

And again, another part of the Cathedral.


This was in the Cathedral’s graveyard. I wish I knew what it meant but it seemed picture worthy. cimg3000

This is the Necropolis behind the Cathedral which apparently is quite impressive and well known. I wasn’t able to walk through it but it looked cool from the little I saw (also I like graveyards…).

I hope you enjoyed this trip to the Glasgow Cathedral. Hopefully I will have the rest of my Glasgow trip up in the not too distant future.


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