(4)Big Magic // Bookish Blurb

bigmagicfinalBig Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book was recommended to me by a friend (hi friend!) so I got it from the library and read it. Going into it, I had no idea what it was about but ultimately it is about creativity and what she calls “creative living”. Continue reading “(4)Big Magic // Bookish Blurb”


(2)Northanger Abbey // Bookish Blurb

northanger abbey.jpgNorthanger Abbey by Jane Austen

This book is about Catherine and we follow her adventures falling is love and the general drama of people around her. People fall in and out of love and are offended and everything is all about the money. Unlike other Austen books, Catherine is not an exceptional girl. in fact, the book starts off telling you how unremarkable she is yet I really enjoyed her as a character. She is very sensible and down to earth although she is not immune to fantasies and coming to inaccurate conclusions about people.

It must be noted that in this book Austen chooses to emphasize that people in books should be allowed to read. It’s kind of funny the way she rants about it in the middle of the book but whatever.

So in doing a tiny bit of research I just learned that this book is apparently a satire of Gothic novels at the time. Catherine imagines life to be like those she reads in Gothic novels (many of which are listed in the book) but learns that it is not. Also apparently Austen was trying to make a statement about the value of novels which were not as valued as nonfiction. I guess the fact that it is a satire explains the whole tone of piece. It is kind of written as though there is an outline which the book must follow and our main character is often referred to as our ‘heroine’. I never would have understood any of this (I do not tend to analyze literature) and I also did not recognize any of the (apparently Gothic) books she mentions.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book but I am a sucker for Austen books. It’s definitely an old book that is written differently from how books are typically written nowadays but if you have the patience and no desire to read about anything of great significance, i would say give it a shot.

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