Glasgow Cathedral pt.2 // Scotland

Make sure you’ve checked out Part 1 of the Glasgow Cathedral. This is part 2!


So this is what the front section of the church looked like. If you remember there was a fancy doorway that you want through and then you get to this.

It was just really pretty yet also obviously a working church.


Near the doorway into that section of the church were these stairs going into the basement. Sorry if this tour isn’t very coherent. I kind of just wandered around.

So in the basement there were lots of little chapels to different saints.
As I mentioned earlier they were getting ready for a service.
Also there was more stained glass


And here at last is “The Chapel and Tomb of St. Mungo, Patron Saint of Glasgow”.

And a little bit about him from a sign near by (the picture of it is blurry so I’ll just type it out).

“St Kentigem – known as Mungo, the ‘dear beloved’ – was a much-revered bishop of Glasgow who died in about 612. Tradition says he was buried here, although his bones were later moved to the shrine upstairs.

“St Mungo was a missionary in Strathclyde and may have built his church on this site. His sanctity was promoted by later bishops and he became a cult figure in the Scottish church. This tomb – with associated relics – attracted many pilgrims, who followed a stage-managed route to get here. They prayed for salvation, confessed crimes and sought cures. Their offerings helped to swell church funds and the cathedral developed around the tomb.

“Stories about St Mungo are largely the creation of enthusiastic biographers in the 1100s. Important saints were promoted by the church to bolster the faith in believers. Mungo’s legendary deeds were exploited during the early days of Alba, the unified Sottish kingdom in the late 9th century. This was repeated, 500 years later, to reinforce the identity of the Scottish church after the Wars of Independence.”

Hopefully you feel sufficiently knowledgeable now. I don’t remember reading any of that but that’s why I take pictures of signs. So that future me can be reminded.

And here ends part 2. It seems a part 3 is necessary. And this was just my first stop in Glasgow…


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