Glasgow Cathedral pt. 1 // Scotland


I took a day trip to Glasgow while I was in Scotland. I really should just do a post about my reflections on Glasgow (it was not like other places I visited) but anyway, the first place I visited was the Glasgow Cathedral also known as St. Mungo’s Cathedral (St. Mungo is the patron saint of Glasgow, more on that later). Also note, the sun was out! I remember it still being cold but at least it was sunny.

When you went in, this is what you saw. The door on the left is the front entrance, the door on the right is the one I have a picture of later which leads to the other section of the church.

They had some beautiful stained-glass windows which I had the hardest time taking pictures of but these sort of turned out. I ended up buying a postcard of the blue one, I really liked how it was made up of words.


These are the doors I mentioned earlier that go to the other section of the church. Over the top of these doors was the choir loft. They were actually practicing while I was there.

CIMG2996a.jpgNot the best picture, I know, but I wanted to capture the memory. They sounded really good.

I think I will leave the rest of the church for next time. Look out for that in a few weeks. I’m really enjoying going through some of my (many) Scotland pictures. I hope you are enjoying it too.


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