Loch Lomond (pt. 2) // Scotland

CIMG4849Hello, this is part two of my Loch Lomond adventure. If you haven’t seen part one, be sure to read it HERE!

After we went to the farmers market thing we started walking through a park/along the coast.


Then we walked through a park which had these odd things


If you know what they are, please let me know. I have no idea.

Also this ‘park’ had ‘rides’ which seemed more like they were for adults than kids (they seemed quite dangerous) but maybe that’s from an American perspective where we are obsessed with safety.

I mean they were fun, just not super safe.

So many pictures. It looks like there is going to have to be a part 3 of this. I hope you are enjoying it.

Again, my apologies that these pictures disappeared for quite some time.

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