Loch Lomond (pt.1) // Scotland

CIMG4793While I was in Scotland (yes, I visited Scotland) I took a ton of pictures so I thought maybe I would finally try and do something with some of those pictures.

One of the trips I went on was to Loch Lomond so here it is!

CIMG4776The first thing we found after we got off the train was this bathroom. Honestly, it is the oddest bathroom I have ever seen. I wish I had taken a picture of the sign which explained how it worked but essentially it was a self-cleaning public bathroom with sliding doors and lots of buttons. Although if I remember right it didn’t have soap or something.

Then we went to a little info booth where we learned that there was a farmers market thing going on so we headed over there to get some food.

Along the way we encountered the actual loch (that’s lake for all ye non Scots) along with a boat which I guess is important for some reason (sorry for my lack of historical knowledge, mostly I just like the  way things look).


After we looked at the boat we finally went to the little farmers market which was super cute.


There was a person performing (you can see him on the right) along with a bunch of little stands selling anything from Scottish eggs to macaroons to scones to…CIMG4836

The best burger I’ve ever had. I mean, I know it doesn’t look like much but seriously, they had good Angus beef. It was really good! And I’m not even that into burgers.

I think this post is long enough as it is so I’ll leave the actual lake for next time. Hopefully you enjoyed this. I certainly enjoyed remembering the trip.

My apologies that for a period of time this post did not include pictures. I didn’t realize they had disappeared.


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