Hello Dolly // Movie Madness

If you enjoyed Wall-E, you need to watch this move. Why you ask? Well, because this is the movie that Wall-E spends so much time watching and you will recognize some of the songs in this film.

I chose to watch this randomly as I was searching Netflix for some way to pass the time. When I stumbled upon this G rated music from 1969 that Netflix seemed to like, i figured I would give it a go. Then I watched the trailer (my typical habit before choosing a movie) and realized that it was the movie from Wall-E. Thus I had to watch it. Setting Wall-E aside, this movie can stand alone on its own two feet.

This movie is primarily about our main character Dolly who is a matchmaker (among other things) and she has decided to marry this rich man. Only problem is, he has no intention of marrying her. Although this movie was over two hours long (it’s a musical, what can you say), I didn’t find myself losing interest. Although Dolly’s own marriage is her primary concern, we still have a full cast of other characters who fall in love and go through adventures. I enjoyed the music and the ridiculous plot.

I think a moment needs to be spent of dear Dolly. First off, she’s a widow and throughout the film she talks about her former husband. Not in a creepy or annoying way, just in a ‘I really loved him and I miss him’ sort of way. Yet she doesn’t allow us to feel sorry for her (except for maybe one song when she decides to actually start living). Also she feels the need to ask her husband if she can get married again. I actually really appreciated that. Maybe some people wouldn’t (male dominance and all) but I found it really sweet. Although I enjoyed Dolly, she is definitely not for everyone. She’s manipulative and tells heaps of lies in order to get her way even though she never seems to have an actual plan. Things just sort of work for her. One aspect of her that I really appreciated was the way she has no problem associating with people who others might deem below her. She emphasizes that the waiters and kitchen staff at a fancy restaurant are her friends. Also Louis Armstrong makes a cameo if that interests you. She also seems to at least be acquaintances with a woman who I presume is supposed to be a prostitute.

Overall, this was a fun, funny, happy way to spend a few hours so if you have the time and like old musicals where everything ends happily every after definitely give this a go.

Side Note: I feel the need to point out the obvious sexism in this movie. Although Dolly appears to be a strong independent woman, we learn that she is not actually happy without a man. Also the men sing a song about how “It takes a woman” to essentially run a house.

Also here is the trailer if you are interested. I’m not sure it does a very good job explaining anything but at least you hear some of the music.

Link to Video

Sorry, apparently I have to leave you with the link not the actual video itself.


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